Write/Record personal messages to share your wisdom & love
Write a letter, record a video (webcam/tablet/smartphone)

Add attachments to your personal messages
Personalize your message with photos, documents, existing videos

Privately & securely store your personal messages
Update, reschedule, or delete your personal messages at any time

Send your personal messages while you are living or deceased
Send messages electronically (email & text), USPS mail, or both

You verify you’re ‘living’ or ‘deceased’ every month
Simply click on the monthly email or text to keep your account ‘alive’

Why WisdomShare? Meet Emily

WisdomShare helps survivors after the loss of a loved one. Consider for a moment Emily. Emily’s dad unexpectedly passed away during a Sunday afternoon nap. This can be very devastating for a 10-year-old girl. At her dad’s funeral, her grandpa shared some valuable ‘words of wisdom’. She reads those words every night before she goes
to bed.

WisdomShare allows you to share your most heartfelt thoughts, a message of love to your family. These cherished messages are letters or recordings created for descendants and loved ones. Show your loved ones you cared enough to WisdomShare.