The Parking Garage


“There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes.”

—William J. Bennett

I had a meeting downtown that required I park in a parking garage. The meeting didn't go as well as I had expected, and I left quite discouraged. I walked back to my car and then drove to the parking garage's exit gate. I was faced with a quiet-looking, reserved senior lady, sitting in a booth. She opened the window and took my parking ticket and vouchers.

Once her machine verified that I had met my bill, she lifted the gate as she presented me with a bowl and asked, “Would you like some candy?”

I don't believe she said anything else, but her question caught me off guard. My feelings of discouragement (from my meeting) were quickly replaced with encouragement and inspiration. I realized she could have just sat there and frowned at everyone who bothered her by coming through her lane. But instead, she chose to make a difference!

A few weeks after this experience, I was giving a presentation to a group of professionals. As I started sharing my story about the parking garage attendant, a member of the audience blurted out the name and location of the parking garage. Not only did he know the garage I was speaking of, he had also experienced the same kindness and now tries to park there whenever possible.

Sometimes small efforts have great effects.

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