The Mischievous Motorcyclist

mischievous motorcyclist

“The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.”

—Chuck Palahniuk

One day a motorcyclist attempted to cross the border. When stopped by a border patrol officer, the officer noticed a leather side-bag hanging from each side of the motorcycle. “What's in the side-bags?” asked the officer. The motorcyclist responded, “Nothing . . . Just rocks.”

The officer laughed, wondering how stupid the man must have thought he was. It was obvious that the man was doing something illegal. The officer demanded to search his side-bags and to his surprise he found a handful of rocks. The officer wondered why he would transport rocks, but as puzzled as he was, he allowed the man to cross the border.

A couple days later the same motorcyclist came to the border. The officer asked what was in the side-bags. Again, the motorcyclist said the bags contained rocks. The officer searched and only found a handful of rocks. Again, the motorcyclist was allowed to cross the border.

The motorcyclist would come to the same border crossing several times over the next few months. Each time the officer became more suspicious and would search his bags. He then started to demand to search the man's pockets. However, he could find nothing out of the ordinary and the motorcyclist would be allowed to cross the border.

Then one day the officer was watching the news and to his surprise he saw the motorcyclist was arrested for smuggling stolen motorcycles across the border.

Sometimes we miss the big picture when we focus on small details.

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