Have A Nice Day


Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”

—Dennis & Wendy Mannering

During high school, I had a job in a specialty meat department, where I worked with the public on a regular basis. My job was to measure, cut and wrap the customer's order. We were taught that the more we respected the client, the more likely they would become a repeat customer. I liked dealing with the public; however, we had a few customers who were just 'negative' people.

One of them was an older lady who wore a big, bright pin on her shirt or coat that said, “Don't tell me what type of day to have!”

It was customary for us, as employees, to tell the client to have a nice day as we handed them their completed orders. And, yes, I made the mistake of telling the customer with the pin to “have a nice day.”

She looked at me with a frown on her face as she raised her voice and yelled, “Don't tell me what type of day to have!” Silence filled the area and everyone watched her exit as she grumbled to herself.

Having a negative attitude doesn't benefit anyone, so I choose to have a positive one, even if it comes at a negative person's expense!

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