Don’t be a Chicken


“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”

—Japanese Proverb

There once was a hunter who found an abandoned eagle egg. Concerned for the life within, he brought the egg home to his farm and placed it with a few chicken eggs. In due time, the baby eagle hatched from its shell alongside a few chicks. The baby-eagle began his life just like the chicks, sheltered by the mother hen. As the baby eagle matured, he ate, strutted and even tried to “cluck” and “cackle” like a chicken.

One day as a bald eagle flew over the hunter's farm, he saw the little eagle mingling together with the other chickens. He flew down to talk to the young eagle. As the bald eagle landed, all the terrified chickens ran away. As the young eagle tried to run away, he was stopped by the bald eagle. The bald eagle asked, “What are you doing here among all these chickens? You are an eagle! You can fly and your home is high up among the cliffs!” The young eagle was confused and could not accept the fact that he was an eagle. He responded, “I can't fly, I am a chicken! This is where I belong, close to the ground!”

The bald eagle grabbed the young eagle in its claws and flew to a nearby cliff. As they rested on the cliff, the bald eagle said, “You are an eagle and you can fly!” and with a mighty swish of his wings, the bald eagle carried the young eagle up into the clouds. Once they soared high above the clouds, the bald eagle dropped the young eagle as he yelled, “Flap your wings and fly! You're an eagle!” To his bewilderment, the young eagle flapped his wings and discovered that he could fly.

We are all born eagles and have the potential to soar high above the clouds. However, many of us are too “chicken” to leave the ground. We all have a higher potential within. We need to help ourselves and others realize it. Stop being a chicken today!

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