Destiny in our Hands

destiny in our hands

“Control your destiny or someone else will.”

—Jack Welch

There once was a wise man that was known throughout the land for his wisdom. One day a young boy wanted to test him and prove that the wise man was a fake. He thought to himself, “I will bring one live bird to test the old man. I will hold the bird behind my back and I will ask him whether the bird is dead or alive. If he says that it is alive, I will squeeze the bird and kill it. If he says the bird is dead, I will free the bird and let him fly away. Either way, I will prove that the wise man is a fake!”

With that idea in mind, he approached the wise man and asked, “Oh wise man, I have a bird in my hand. Can you tell me if the bird is dead or alive?” The wise man paused for a moment and replied, “Young man, that which you hold in your hands is what you make of it. If you wish the bird to be dead, then it will die. If you desire the bird to live, it will surely live.” The young boy realized that the answer given was indeed that of a man of wisdom.

The destiny of each of our lives rests within our own two hands. The decisions we make determine the success or failure of every venture we pursue.

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