Deep Water

deep water

“The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.”

—Albert Camus

There once was a General who was traveling through an unfamiliar town. As he arrived to the bank of a long river, he wondered where he and his horse could make it to the other side. He looked for a bridge or narrow section of the river, but instead found a boy fishing. He rode up to the boy and asked for advice on where he and his horse could safely cross.

The boy looked at the size of the General's horse and then looked at the river. Again, the boy turned back to look at the size of the horse and then to the river. The boy then paused for a moment and confidently said, “General, it is safe for you and your horse to cross the river right here!” The General thanked the boy and proceeded to cross the river.

As the General approached the middle of the river, he quickly realized that the river was, in fact, very deep, and he and his horse were almost swept away by the strong current. Miraculously, the horse fought the depth and current and safely brought them both back to shore.

The General was angry and yelled at the boy. He proceeded by threatening to punish the boy for his advice on where to cross the river. The boy was stunned and innocently replied, “But General, I see my ducks crossing the river right here every day without any problem, and my ducks’ legs are shorter than your horse's legs.”

Many people love to give advice, but do they really know what they are talking about? Make sure those who you choose to go to for advice know what they are talking about.

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