Burlap of Burden


“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

—Lewis B. Smedes

Burlap is a very strong, coarsely woven fabric made from jute, flax or hemp and considered to be very lightweight; however when sewn to form a sack, it can hold more than one hundred pounds of beans, rice, grains, etc. Many agricultural commodities are sold in burlap sacks. Although durable, burlap is easily cut open with a sharp object. Once pierced, its contents quickly spill onto the ground.

We all carry an imaginary burlap sack on our back. When we choose to not forgive another, for example, our burlap sack fills with malice, unkindness, jealousy or even hate. The more the burlap sack fills with resentment, the heavier it gets and the more of a burden it becomes.

Have you ever known someone who has chosen not to forgive another? When you say anything something positive about the other party, do they usually respond with negative comments? It's because he has not emptied his burlap sack of resentment and carries the unnecessary weight wherever he goes. He doesn't realize how much the heavy weight of the sack limits him. Many times it not only causes a burden for the non-forgiver, but also the unforgiven.

Time is a healer, and in due time, it is possible for everyone to empty their burlap. Emptying your burlap sack not only eases your own burden, but others' as well.

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